Bring The Stout Monk to you! Start your meal with gourmet fare from our appetizer or flatbread selections. Choose from our mouth watering assortment of gourmet sandwiches served on Monastery Bakery breads accompanied by our fresh salads and our world famous wings…there is something for everyone!


  • Appetizers

  • Flatbreads

  • Gourmet Sandwich Platters

  • World Famous Stout Monk Wings

  • Fresh Salads


  • Lemon Cajun Baby Back Ribs

    Fall off the bone pork back ribs tossed with fresh lemon juice and Cajun spices. A must have!
  • Chicken Satay

    Spicy marinated free range chicken served with spicy peanut sauce
  • Korean Beef Satay

    AAA top sirloin marinated with a sweet soy and ginger sauce
  • Thai Shrimp Satay

    Black Tiger Shrimp marinated in a spicy cilantro and chili sauce
  • Moroccan Lamb Kabobs

    Hand rolled spiced minced lamb skewers served with zesty Tzatziki sauce
  • Spud Skins

    Potato skins brushed with our bold BBQ sauce loaded with our cheese blend, crisp bacon and green onions – served with sour cream
  • Turkey Meatballs

    All white meat turkey seasoned, hand rolled, baked and tossed with a black currant-teriyaki glaze


  • Roasted Garlic

    Roasted garlic base with sliced red onion and asiago cheese
  • Four Cheese Garlic

    Roasted garlic base with sliced red onion and asiago cheese
  • Turkey Bacon

    Smoked Pepper Base with seasoned ground turkey, smoked bacon, tomatoes and goat cheese
  • Mediterranean

    Pesto base loaded with goat cheese red onion, sweet bell peppers, tomato and black olives  
  • Flat Iron Steak

    Smoky BBQ base with cheese blend, grilled marinated steak, roasted red peppers, herbed mushrooms and caramelized onions
  • Chorizo & Provolone

    Roasted garlic base, grilled chorizo sausage, sliced red onion and our special cheese blend  

Gourmet Sandwich Platters

  • Homemade Roast Beef

    Homemade Roast Beef with fresh tomatoes, leaf lettuce and horseradish mayonnaise on Olive & Cheddar Ciabatta  
  • Grilled Free-Range Chicken

    Grilled free-range chicken with roasted garlic aioli, jalapeno havarti, crisp proscuitto and roasted red peppers on Classic Ciabatta
  • Hand Breaded Pork Schnitzel

    Hand breaded pork schnitzel with roasted garlic aioli, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions on Classic Ciabatta  
  • Slow Cooked Corn Beef Brisket

    Slow cooked Corn Beef brisket with bold Dijon mustard on Olive & Cheddar Ciabatta  
  • Roasted Red Pepper

    Roasted red peppers with fresh tomatoes, crisp cucumber, leaf lettuce and jalapeno havarti on Olive & Cheddar Ciabatta

World Famous Stout Monk Wings

  • World Famous Stout Monk Wings

    Order your wings, plain or dusted, with your choice of sauce Monk’s Traditional Sauces Plain, Honey Garlic, Mild, Medium, Hot, Suicide Monk’s Featured Sauces Smokey BBQ, Gold Fever, K-Man Gold

Fresh Salads

  • Garden Salad

    Our house blend of lettuce topped with grape tomatoes and rings of red onion
  • Caesar Salad

    Crisp Romaine lettuce with bacon bits and croutons
  • German Potato Salad

    Tender potatoes, smoky bacon and red onions with a red wine and Dijon mustard vinaigrette
  • Pasta Salad

    Tri-colour Fusilli noodles with red onions, sweet bell peppers, grape tomatoes and crisp cucumber tossed with a homemade honey-Dijon dressing
  • Greek Salad

    Our house blend of lettuce topped with crisp cucumber, grape tomatoes, rings of red onion, feta cheese and black olives
  • Creamy Coleslaw

    Shredded cabbage and julienne carrots with a creamy dressing
  • Fresh Vegetable Platter

    Crisp vegetables served with ranch dressing for dipping